Krešimir Begović: Spatiotemporal changes in drought sensitivity of Central European conifers captured by multiple tree-ring parameters

Video tutorial: Measuring blue intensity with the CooRecorder software application: Karen J.Heeter, Daniel J.King, Grant L.Harley and Ryszard J.Kaczkac

Milos Rydval: Surface Intensity: State of the Art

Ryszard Kaczka: Into the deep end: Blue Intensity from oak

Rob Wilson: Elevation transects and their importance for understanding tree climate response and improving historical dating: A Case Study from Scotland

Jesper Bjorklund: Blue Intensity in relation to Wood Density

Karen Heeter: Examination of blue Intensity methods across the contiguous United States

Kristina Seftigen: Can Blue Intensity from cool and humid Scandinavia also be used to reconstruct past drought?

Rob Wilson: Blue Intensity: Its application towards enhancing dendro-historical dating

Milos Rydval: Beyond Blue: Developing unbiased reflected light timeseries using high resolution surface imaging

Seminar: Karen Heeter: November 2021

Examination of blue intensity methods across the contiguous United States

I-BIND Start up Meeting: June 2021

Seminar: Jesper Björklund: September 2021

A perspective on Blue Intensity, Blue Reflectance, Blue absorption, Biased relative density, Lignin content etc..

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